Peterhead’s state of the art shiplift can accomodate vessels weighing up to 2,000 tonnes for inspection, repair, maintenance or survey. The procedure to raise or lower the ship normally takes less than an hour and the vessel can use either the outside berth or the covered repair hall.


The hall can take vessels up to 47 metres long and 25.2 meters high. Working indoors allows projects to be completed in a controlled environment whatever the weather conditions. This is a significant benefit for every workscope which include activities such as painting and welding. These can proceed without delay and to the highest quality standard – thereby reducing the risks associated with the vagaries of the British weather.


Both interior and exterior berths provide ample flat working space around the vessel to accommodate plant and equipment in a safe manner. There is good access to the vessel at various different levels and the facilities are serviced with high capacity power supplies.

Experienced Contractors

Peterhead has a maritime tradition stretching back over 300 years. This association with shipping has encouraged a wide range of support companies to set up business in the town. The skilled tradesmen have extensive knowledge and experience working on boats of all types and sizes, as well as a network of business contacts to source parts and other specialists when required. This can greatly assist in completing projects in time and to the lowest possible cost. You will find them helpful and appreciative of an opportunity to quote for any work required.   However, there are no restrictions on bringing other qualified contractors to work on a vessel. Whilst in Peterhead the vessels other needs can also be met – be it chandlers, stores, fuel, safety equipment, survey etc.


Availability - you can check availability of the inner and outer shiplift berths by clicking here to bring up a calendar.

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