Smith Quay - taking Peterhead Port to the next level

The Smith Quay development marks a significant milestone for the port of Peterhead and means we are able to offer a greatly enhanced service to our clients across all sectors - pelagic and white fish, oil and gas, subsea and renewables.

Details about the quay can be downloaded in pdf format. The first document summarises the technical aspects of the facility and the second provides loading details to assist in planning heavy or unusual lifts - QUAY FACT SHEET amd QUAY LOADING CAPACITY

Among the key benefits and features offered by Smith Embankment are

  • Easy access

  • 200-metre berth area

  • All-weather berthing

  • 10 metres depth

  • No tidal restrictions

  • 16,000 square metres of work area

  • Secure, fenced area with no public access

  • ISPS compliant (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code)

  • Fast, easy transport links.

Smith Embankment comprises a quay and breakwater (or dolphin), together offering ample berthing capacity for one or more vessels at a time - for example, a 120-metre subsea support vessel and a 65-metre pelagic boat.

We also provide a full suite of health and safety and support services, including

  • Seven ladders, three lifebelt safety stations

  • Quayside lighting to 60 lux (25 lux minimum elsewhere)

  • Two water loading points

  • CCTV and intercom links to Peterhead Port Authority control tower

  • 16t Kalmar forklift available for hire.

The quay deck is designed for Full Highways Agency HA loading (normal road vehicles and HGVs) and HB loading of 45 units (abnormal road vehicles), both to BD37/01, and can accommodate a uniformly distributed load of 3 t/m2, except for a 30-metre long heavy lift area designed for 5 t/m2 loads.

The Smith Embankment main deck area is designed for the following crane outrigger loading:

  • Gottwold AK580: maximum outrigger loads for 300t lift at 22 metre radius (assuming pad dimensions of 3.2 metres x 5 metres with a maximum load intensity of 185kN/m2)

  • Gottwold AK912: maximum outrigger loads for 300t lift at 22 metre radius (assuming pad dimensions of 2.8 metres x 5.5 metres with a maximum load intensity of 229kN/m2).

The heavy lift area can additionally accommodate

  • Liebherr crawler or mobile cranes: 500ft lift at radius of 20 metres (assuming pad dimensions of 2.4 metres x 6.0 metres with a maximum load intensity of 281kN/m2)

  • Loading from ramps for self-propelled modular transport (SPMT) vehicles, based on a maximum of 144t total line loading, as represented by two parallel SPMT vehicles linked together.

There is additional potential in the heavy lift area for decommissioning skidding modules of up to 2,500 tons on skid ways aligned over the main deck girders which run from the front piles to the shore abutment.

Contact us for more information about Smith Embankment.

Smith Embankment in numbers

  • 33.5 million investment

  • 5.5 million from Scottish Government and European Fisheries Fund

  • 16,650 square metres total development area, including

  • 4,800 square metres for quayside area

  • 3,000 square metres for Peterhead Decommissioning

  • 1,500 square metres for heavy lift transit

  • 450 square metres for roadways and pedestrian routes

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