When taking a rig to Peterhead, you can benefit from the port's strategic location in a number of ways, including: - 

  • Close proximity to offshore fields - saving in tow costs and time off-hire 

  • Convenient for senior management based in Aberdeen, allowing rig visits without incurring significant travel downtime 

  • Competitive rates and availability of skilled local companies 

The port has experienced pilots who work in conjunction with marine managers, rig move specialists and tug masters. Mooring crews and a vessel to take lines are available as required. Entrance to the port is through the 208 metre wide entrance during a slack water period. Peterhead offers a large range of skilled and experienced companies that can assist with any project, including agents, waste management, fabrication, engineering, heavy craneage, shot blasting, painting, scaffolding, electricians, diving contractors etc.

Tanker Jetty
The seabed is particularly suitable for jack-ups, being relatively flat and of a consistency that allows only slight penetration of the spud cans (around 1.5 metres). Potential problems when withdrawing the legs for departure are thus avoided. Borehole core logs, diving surveys and hydrographic surveys are available on request. The water depth at the berth is 11.8 metres chart datum. The jetty can also be used by semi-submersible rigs. Noble Denton recently completed a successful mooring study analysis that confirmed that the Posimoor criteria could be satisfied. 

A small office is available at the jetty head, and services such as electricity, telephone and security can all be arranged as required. There is a storage site near the jetty entrance (approximately 2,000 square metres) if required.

The jetty offers direct connection to the trunk road network south of Peterhead, providing congestion free access that avoids the town. 

Princess Royal Jetty 
Jack-up rigs can use the northern end of Princess Royal Jetty. The berth is accessed through the ASCO security gate, and therefore benefits from 24hr security provision. The jetty is serviced with fresh water, fuel and electricity. 

North Breakwater
Semi submersible drilling rigs used the North Breakwater extensively in the early days of North Sea development, and over 40 rigs have berthed there for all sizes of contract, from routine IRM to major overhaul. 

A specially built rig mooring system is installed which comprises 5 bollards each with a 200 tonne mooring capacity. A 4 metre high parapet wall on the seaward side of the breakwater provides a more sheltered environment for working and has eliminated wave overtopping in all but the most extreme conditions.

The combination of deep water (up to 14 metres at Chart Datum), ready access to engineering and fabrication services and storage makes this an ideal location. 

The North Breakwater is currently leased by ASCO, who are supporting the initiative to bring this trade back to the port. 

Off Berth Location
One jack-up or semi-submersible (ballasted down to sit on the seabed) can be accommodated within the port at a location which can be conveniently accessed by tender from Peterhead Bay Marina, but which is not alongside a berth. This is a cost effective option for long term stacking requirements.


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