Rates & Dues 2013

Commercial Vessels.

1. Vessels: All sea-going vessels of any description measured in accordance with the International Tonnage Convention 1969 (ITC 69) except those specified in 2, 3 and 4 below, per 7 day period or part thereof per entry, per gross tonne
Any vessel not having an ITC 69 certificate will be charged on a tonnage calculated with reference to its published dimensions    
All oil tankers which provide evidence of having Segregated Ballast Tanks will receive a 17% reduction from the vessel dues charge.    
The minimum charge for vessel dues will be  
2. Passenger and training vessels engaged on a cruise which remain in the harbour for less than 36 hours per entry, per gross tonne


3. Vessels which enter the harbour area solely for the purpose of embarking or disembarking personnel and which do not occupy a berth in the port and do not remain in the harbour for a period exceeding 4 hours per gross tonne


4. Vessels of an unusual nature e.g. drilling rigs, barges etc  

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