ASCO has been serving the North Sea oil and gas industry since 1967 and has established itself as a leading provider of managed supply chain solutions to the international oil and gas sector. The operational benefits arising from the strategic location of Peterhead make the port an ideal centre for the company's operations. Key product streams include logistics, fuels, lubricants and chemical distribution, waste management and environmental services. Customers include major integrated oil companies, independent oil and gas companies, drilling companies and offshore engineering and construction companies. 

Historically, oil companies managed their own offshore support operations with contractors providing resources on demand. In addition to supplying this service when required, ASCO's forte is the provision of fully managed logistics services comprising all aspects of the supply chain. ASCO also has a Marine Management Service that offers customers access to vessel sharing through a pooled fleet which gives major benefits - fewer sailings and lower vessel costs through better vessel utilisation.

Through ASCO's experience, resources and capability to demonstrate real cost savings to customers in the North Sea, Peterhead is internationally regarded as the role model for ASCO's global operations. The company is committed to driving down supply chain costs through better planning, working more closely with the customer and enabling the sharing of resources such as vessels.

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