North Base 

The North Base provides a wide range of services to the construction and diving support sectors of the oil industry and is used for heavy lift operations. The Base offers availability of heavy craneage, deepwater berthing, open storage and ready access to engineering and fabrication services. 

North Breakwater

The North Breakwater is of granite construction with an 18 metre wide deck and minimum alongside depth of up to 14 metres. A full range of material handling equipment, including mobile cranes from 25 to 500 tonnes capacity is available. Larger cranes of up to 850 tonnes capacity have been used for ad-hoc heavy lifts. Vessels up to 250 metres in length and 96,000 tonnes deadweight have been accommodated at the breakwater. 

North Base Jetty
The North Base Jetty is an open pile concrete decked jetty offering two berths, one at each side, numbered 17 and 18. The fendering on Berth 18 was extensively refurbished during early 2003, making this berth suitable for handling a range of traffic, including oil tankers, coasters, fishing vessels and offshore support vessels.


QUAY FACTS Berth Numbers Quay Length (m) Quay Width (m) Quay Height above MHWS (m) Minimum Water Depth (m) Fresh Water Fuel Bulks
North Breakwater 13-15 240 17 3.4 Up to 13.9 *
North Base Jetty 17-18 122 15 4.4 6.0 *
*Delivery by road transportation to these berths


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