Profitability Improved 

The most significant study of recent times, The Seafood
Scotland 'Quality At Sea Study' shows that the implementation
of quality practices on board white fish vessels ultimately
impact on the price achieved. 

Fishing skippers are increasingly convinced that investing in quality practices will increase profit and many factors influence the price achieved at market. However, the study also shows that:

to consistently achieve prices well above average, vessels
must adopt all of the recommended quality practices. 

Price influencing factors: 

Weighing at sea achieved significantly higher prices compared to nominal weighing

On average, haddock catches weighed electronically at sea 
achieved prices 26% above. For smaller box weights, price per kg are higher than the average

Landing with a good icing score achieved prices well above
average for the day(judged using Seafood Scotland
quality scoring system)

  • There is a price premium for well gutted fish.

  • Better packed fish achieves above average prices.

Quality System

The creation of the fully temperature controlled Fish Market
underlines Peterhead Ports commitment to Quality of
Product being landed and sold, reflecting the findings of a
recent study carried out by Sea Fish Industry Authority.

This study proved beyond doubt that by meeting the high
standards demanded by the consumer and processor
through better quality at sea practices, catch prices will
usually be higher than average and vessels will recover
their investment over a series of landings.

Seafood Scotland promotes product on the basis of its
superior quality from point of capture throughout the
supply chain. can provide more detailed
information and the full report on The Economics of Quality
at Sea is available from 'Sea Fish Industry Authority' at   

The graph below shows that vessels whose average quality score was in the range 27-29, achieved cod prices 7.5% above the same day average prices:

The study focused on thirty white fish vessels landing at Peterhead and examined links between:

  • practices on board 

  • quality score for each catch 

  • prices achieved compared to average price.

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