Fish Market

Sales at Peterhead Fish Market commence at 7.00am. daily, Monday to Friday.
Quality is the password for the Merchants Quay Fish Market. More and more fishermen are conscious of the need to maximise the price and the superior market facility reflects this. With this in mind the fish market is accredited for the BRC standard in storage.

With temperature control in the market, vessels and lorries can discharge immediately upon arrival to a secure environment. The fish market has been designed to create optimum conditions for preservation of the catch. The double sealing doors on either side assist in temperature control, strict hygiene regulations are in place and executed by Environmental Health Inspectors who check all fish on landing and security cameras oversee all procedures.

This modern facility of over 2,850 square feet ensures the best opportunity for preservation of quality during the Fish Market link in the supply chain

The Fishing Industry

Peterhead's fishing industry centred on the Harbour consists of three basic categories of species landed:
1. Demersal
2. Pelagic
3. Shellfish

During 2011 landings of 133,000 tonnes were valued at £165,000,000 apportioned as follows


% Volume

% Value











Demersal landings, otherwise known as "White Fish" consist of 


Haddock 29
Cod 21
Whiting 13
Flatfish (Lemon Sole, Plaice etc.) 6
Monk (Angler) 5
Coley (Saithe) 11
All others 15


Pelagic landings, often called "Oily Fish" consists of


% Volume % Value
Herring 23 13
Mackerel 67 82
Other Pelagic sepcies 10 5

Shellfish landings are almost all nephrops (prawns).



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