Smith Embankment Development

Quay open October 2010 - full details of completed development are available using this link

The £33.5 million investment in new quayside infrastructure is progressing well. The exciting project provides a 200 metre long, all weather deepwater berth at the Smith Embankment and 13,000 square metres of adjacent reclaimed land.

A construction contract was awarded in January 2009 to a joint venture of Westminster Dredging and R J McLeod. Onsite work commenced in May 2009 with completion scheduled for September 2010.

The first phase was to complete dredging of the approaches to the new quay (to 9 metres chart datum) and berth (10 metres chart datum). All suitable dredged material was used to reclaim land at the Smith Embankment.  At the same time as these works were ongoing, construction of an 85 metre long extension to the Albert Quay breakwater commenced. Both these phases of the development were substantially completed in 2009.


From September 2009 the main focus of activity moved to constructing the quay, completing the reclaimed area and installing services. This will continue through to completion in September 2010. The first stages are to install the piles - one pile to hold the navigation light, 14 along the front of the quay and 4 on the berthing dolphin. These are being cored 10 metres into the seabed.

The next part of the development was concerned with the main structural components of the quay.

Download an artists impression of the development here

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