6 November 2015


Plans have been unveiled for a £49M investment into Peterhead Harbour to ensure it remains at the forefront of the fishing industry for the remainder of the 21st century.

Proposals drawn up by Peterhead Port Authority would develop the facility into a fully integrated, state-of-the-art fishing hub by the end of 2017.

The developments include constructing a much larger fishmarket to cater for continued growth in this sector. The market will have a 50% greater floor space and provide enhanced opportunities for the display and management of fish, helping fishermen to continue to secure top industry prices. A key element of the new market proposal involves the provision of covered landing areas for fish which is sold privately to ensure fishermen and their product enjoy protection from the elements. It is also planned to bring together the full range of services and facilities required by the fleet, so that port calls can be completed in the minimum amount of time and most efficient manner. This will include provision of stores, ice, boxes, water, fuel and all manner of repair services. The development will also cater for handling fish brought ashore as a result of the forthcoming discards ban.


The inner harbours will be deepened to 6.5m which will allow vessels unrestricted access and berthing in safe, weather-protected basins.


Above: First artists impressionproposed of the new fish market in Alexandra Basin at Peterhead.

John Wallace, Chief Executive of Peterhead Port Authority, said “These strategic proposals for the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities will inject fresh life into the local fishing industry and help us further position the harbour as the premier fishing port in Europe. All aspects of the development will have a tremendous impact on the port, town and subsequently the local business community. The real jewel in the crown will be the provision of deep water, which will significantly benefit white fish boats. We are confident that the fishing sector has a bright future with encouraging signs of improving stocks of most key species. This investment will ensure the port meets the current and future needs of the sector and should bring confidence to others about future opportunities in this industry”.

A recent study by Biggar Economics looked at the impact that Peterhead Port had on the local, regional and national economy. It was calculated that trade through the port contributed £0.8 billion annually to the Scottish economy and supported nearly 10,000 jobs. Most jobs were associated with the fishing industry, but greatest gross value added with oil and gas operations.

Given the recent uplift in landings, taken in tandem with the encouraging news regarding fish stocks, a larger fish market will be central to accommodating future market demand.


The proposals have been progressed over the last 24 months and preliminary work has included feasibility analysis, site investigation, wave modelling, financial apprasal, preparing an environmental statement and design work. The necessary consents, including a Harbour Revision Order, Marine Licence and Listed Building Consent have all been obtained.

Progress is dependent on securing assistance from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund which is expected to open for applications in early 2016. A contract award would follow shortly afterward if the grant application is successful and the actual construction phase of the project will take an estimated 18 months.

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