Inner Harbour Redevelopment

New fish market opens. Largest sale for nearly 20 years - 8,549 boxes on 28 June.  More>>>

Turning the Plastic Tide

Support for local beach clean initiative.  More>>



Welcome to Peterhead Port Authority

  • Sheltered deep-water port with more than 3km of berthing
  • Premier UK white and pelagic fish port
  • Serving oil and gas sector for over 40 years
  • Congestion-free efficient all-weather vessel movements
  • Fabrication, decommissioning and bulk handling capabilities


Peterhead is one of the UKís most versatile ports, providing exceptional all-weather, congestion-free deepwater berthing facilities at depths of up to 14 metres and serving a broad range of industries including oil and gas, renewables, fishing and leisure.

We are proud of our heritage as the UKís largest white fish and pelagic (mackerel and herring) port and are building on our reputation as a traditional centre of excellence for both fishing fleets by providing a full range of constantly updated modern quayside services including on-site fish market, ice and water plants, fuel supplies, and ship repair and maintenance at our slipway, syncrolift and dry dock.

And we are equally proud of the role we have played in the development of North Sea oil and gas over the past 40 years, successfully serving areas such as rig IRM, surveying, diving support, offshore logistics and safety, subsea exploration and construction.

We also have a thriving leisure craft marina, we welcome cruise ships, and our quays accommodate a full range of other cargoes and commodities including frozen fish, agricultural products such as grain, timber and fertiliser, as well as complex fabrication projects and bulk handling.

Now we are moving the port of Peterhead to the next level with the opening of our newest facility, built to further serve not only all our existing markets but also the growing renewables and decommissioning sectors.

Smith Quay adds an easily accessed berth with a 10 metres water depth and able to accomodate vessels up to 160 metres in length to more than 3 kilometres of existing alongside berthing. Smith Quay has a working area of 16,000 square metres - including heavy-lift and module skidding capabilities - and full quayside servicing and is operated by NorSea Group.

Our clients know they save time and money with well-managed, efficient port calls, and thatís why they come to Peterhead. How can the Peterhead Port Authority team help you optimise yours? Contact us today to find out.

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